Tv Production: How To

Basically TV production is a process that revolves around script writing, creating a budget, hiring creative talent, shooting, crews, equipment, designing a set and identification of location. TV production includes Live Studio, Taped Studio, Scripted and Sports.


Most of the live shows are shot in a studio. Newscasts, talk shows and variety shows are good example of live broadcast.  Apparently, these shows can be extremely cheap if they are shot in a fixed or in a particular geographical location.


Shows that fall under this category are recorded in a studio and are shown later. Sitcoms, talk shows and infomercials are good example of taped broadcasts. Categorically speaking, taped broadcast process is similar to live studio broadcasts, and sometimes involves a live audience as well.


A number of TV shows, majorly dramas that are fictional in nature and comedies are produced like movies. The location for scripted broadcasts could be in sets or on location. Proper editing and post-production must be done before airing.


A lot of sporting events are televised daily and usually involves a director. Producing these can be very expensive depending on the travel involved and the size of the crew needed for the event.